Roam is a website and an on the go app that helps people travel as sustainably as they want. From booking sustainable flights and hotels through the website to looking for things to do, restaurants and shopping through the app, Roam is there to make it easy.

My team and I wanted to create a product that would help people learn and plan a trip sustainably from beginning to end.

Victoria Nieves: Research, UX App Design, Copywriting, Ad Campaign,
Logo Mark

Maisie Anderson: Research, Copywriting, Head UX/UI App Design, Icon System, Illustration

Mallory Blackwell: Research, Copywriting, Brand Identity, Icon System, Head UX/UI Web Design

Krista Coffman: Research, UX Web Design

Naim Carbajal: Research, Copywriting, UX App Design

The problem
From our research we found that tourism causes problems such as pollution, loss of habitat, and increased depletion of natural resources for the location they are traveling to and ultimately our world. It is time consuming to look for sustainable options, so people just do the samething as everyone else which is adding to the problem.
Our Solution


Here is where their sustainable journey begins. At first the user will be able to search if they have a specific destination in mind or browse through our curated list of sustainable destinations. Next they will be able to see the different flights they can take which are rated most to least sustainable and the same thing with hotels. The user will also be able to learn how tourism effects the world and then how they can become a sustainable traveler.
With the app the user will be able to see the trip that the are on and have access to see how sustainable they are being in their profile. Everyday there will be a different sustainability tip where the user can check off once they have done it. They can also set goals for themselves like "Traveling the road less taken" or "Give back to the community with every trip". Also, they will be able to see what places are around them either to eat, visit or shop and they will have sustainability ratings. The user will also have access to information on their greenest transportation to get them to their destination.
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